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Peter Gibb
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What is “Mindful Conversation”? Why might you care?

Speak Openly, Connect Deeply. Live Joyously

How to communicate better? More effectively and more joyously. Questions that anyone inclined to self-reflection faces at some point. Every time you talk, you broadcast yourself to the world. With Mindful Conversation, you can now learn to speak so others want to listen to you; and listen so others want to connect with you. Learn to build strong, satisfying, lasting relationships. Be more fully yourself and connect more deeply with others.

I have been researching, speaking, teaching, writing and coaching about Mindful Conversation in organizations and families, with groups and individuals for 25 years. Mindful Conversation is the subject of this website, and of my new book, Mindful Conversation: Speak Openly, Connect Deeply, Live Joyously, a book of practical guidance, tools, stories, theory, inspiration, and humor.

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You sense you could be getting more from your relationships, but how?

We are all “sinners” at times in our conversation. But many of us are unconscious of our conversational habits. To gain insights into how your conversation helps you to connect (or not), take this quick, easy and free self-analysis quiz. Does your default style support or hinder you to be your best self, to connect deeply and express yourself fully? Does it help you attract and retain the kind of relationships you desire? Are your conversations satisfying, joyous and productive??


The Magic of Mindful Conversation

Check out the introduction to Peter’s forthcoming book,
Mindful Conversation: Speak Openly, Connect Deeply. 

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Party goers joke and banter, the table littered with discarded snacks and dirty glasses. One wobbly fellow — that would be me — clutches an edge, desperate as a drowning man clinging to his raft…

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My Books

Read more about King of Doubt and my forthcoming book,
Mindful Conversation: Speak Openly, Connect Deeply. Anytime. With Anyone. 
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Multiple award-winning memoir, King of Doubt

In a small town on the west coast of Scotland, five-year-old Peter Gibb trades his soul to the devil in a futile attempt to win the approval of classmates, teachers, and parents. Follow the story of Peter’s humorous but desperate struggle to find a way out of the dungeons of doubt. An insightful tale of lost and found, King of Doubt grips you with tension as it warms you with heart. Anyone who has ever struggled with self doubt (aka Imposter Syndrome ) – and who among us hasn’t? – will see themselves in these pages. This moving story, one man’s journey from doubt to wonder, will fill you with hope and promise. The story rivets your attention to the final word, while the beauty of the language still sings long after the reading.