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About Peter Gibb – How I used Mindfulness on the journey to more authentic, open connection

Mindful Conversation is the master key that opens so many of life’s most important doors: family relationships, friends, collaboration with colleagues, business transactions, even casual encounters in line at the grocery store. I wish I’d realized this earlier in life. Could have saved myself a lot of stress, wasted time and clumsy starts with could-be friends.

From Doubt to Wonder

As an adolescent, I told myself I was a relationship failure, a conversational neanderthal. I felt like such an outsider. I thought it was the way I was made. I figured there was something missing inside.  Eventually I stopped long enough to wonder if and how I might improve. Life started to look up when I began to practice a few basic principles of better conversation. Others paid attention. I began to experience the magic of connection.

If you’re here, then I’m guessing that you have more than a casual interest in relationships,  connecting with others and expressing yourself.  In short, conversation: what makes it flow and why sometimes it’s NO.


I grew up (in U.S. and England) an introvert, jealously imagining what it would be like to be an extrovert. That never happened, but eventually I realized that listening, observation, and empathy were equally important strengths. As I developed pride in my introversion, I discovered that I do in fact, have a lot to say. And people seemed to want to listen. I now delight in taking center stage when the time is right. And relinquishing it when my turn is done.

I’m a writer, speaker, teacher and coach now. My first book, the memoir, King of Doubt, is about my long struggle with Imposter Syndrome (aka self doubt) and depression (aka hopelessness). Readers tell me it’s a page turner as well. I’ve now completed my second full length adult book, Mindful Conversation: Speak Openly, Connect Deeply. Forthcoming in 2021.

Prior to my writing career, I spent 22 years as an organizational consultant to Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies, non-profits and families. I worked in sixteen countries and three languages. I consulted on issues of communication and collaboration with leaders, teams, families and individuals who frequently knew how to do everything except connect. I witnessed how nothing can replace authentic conversation, and how lonely and isolated so many people feel. This work, along with my own personal struggles, lead me to the study of Mindful Conversation.

I live in Ashland, OR. with my wife, Wendy. Before Covid, we loved to travel. We have three wonderful children, Doug Archbald, Gavin Archbald, and Caitlin Gibb, all married and with their own children. Another passion of mine is playing guitar and singing. I’m hoping to bring my music and my speaking career together once Covid permits live appearances again. And I love to connect with others, readers or those with similar interests, so please contact me and I will try to respond (please be patient)

If you’d like to explore more about the Mindful Conversation services I can provide, check out that tab. I’m now offering one online class, and will soon be offering more, all on the theme of Mindful Conversation. Come join the fun and learning!



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