Peter Gibb
Peter Gibb
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About Peter Gibb – How I used Mindfulness on the journey to more authentic, open connection

Author: Mindful Conversation: Speak Openly, Connect Deeply (To be released, early 2022); King of Doubt (a memoir about my struggle with Imposter Syndrome, Depression, and becoming me); Count on Spot (the perfect picture book if you’re 3 or younger, you like dogs, and you’re learning how to count.)

I was a shy kid who grew into an awkward teen and hung out for a decade or so in the adult lost and found. I thought of myself as a relationship failure, an introvert trying to become an extrovert. Once I’d learned what a foolish mission that was, life began to change. I discovered that I had a lot to say. And people now wanted to talk to me. I boarded a train bound for Curiosity, Creativity and Freedom. That train has taken me through countryside more beautiful than ever I could have imagined.

I’m still an introvert at heart. I spend a lot of time happily, alone – thinking, reading, writing, playing my guitar, dreaming, meditating, hiking, realizing I am unlikely ever to find the answers, but getting ever more clear about which questions to ask.

I challenge myself often and fail frequently. I work hard and then let go. The universe will decide. I fell in love with Mindful Conversation because it powers the train I am on. I thrive on those moments when I feel a deep connection with another, or when I feel the magic of discovery in my veins, when I am being fully me, expressing myself openly and authentically.

I live in Ashland, OR. with my dear wife, Wendy. We have three children and 5 grandchildren. Lots of pets in the past. Right now, none, but we had two fawns born in our yard this year. New growth is everywhere.


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