Command and control culture no longer works. You know that. In today’s increasingly complex business world, successful businesses must operate as quick and nimble teams, teams of teams, and individuals, who are skilled and motivated to speak out and listen in. 

At Google, a two-year research project into the best performing teams concluded that the #1 predictor of high performance was “psychological safety.” This keynote address covers the basic tenets of psychological safety, the research behind it, how it grows the bottom line, and how leaders must act and speak to promote psychological safety. Prepare for an inspiring and action-focused speech designed to impart wisdom and teach critical steps to turn your workplace into a high-performing, psychologically safe environment.

Developing Psychological Safety

This three-hour, hands-on workshop explores barriers to achieving a climate of psychological safety and key steps necessary to shift a culture from Serial Monologue and fear-based “corp speak” to Mindful Conversation, where team members understand their job must include the ability to speak out and listen in. Attendees will learn:

  • The relationship between personal communication and bottom-line performance
  • How your current communication style encourages or stifles “psychological safety”
  • The two core communication skills that characterize the Mindful Leader and signal the shift toward Psychological Safety
  • Specific first steps you can take to guide your team or organization towards
    Psychologically Safety 


Individuals and Couples:

Marriage, dating, family, business, friendship – sooner or later, most relationships hit rough spots. Emotionally triggering events, hurt feelings, mismatched expectations, competing interests, differing communication and emotional styles all put our relationships to the test. This is not a sign of failure. In fact, when dealt with appropriately, such times can often be the catalyst for deeper growth, joy, and connection.

Peter has spent 25 years helping guide a diverse spectrum of “couples” through trouble spots in romantic, family, business, and friendship settings. Peter’s coaching is based on mindful conversation and the C.A.R.E. (Curiosity, Authenticity, Respect, Empathy) model. Coaching is not psychotherapy. Peter’s approach is focused, problem-solving type work, with emphasis on deeper communication, better understanding, and mutual respect.

Executive Coaching:

Improve your relationships, communications, and positive influence. Peter Gibb has a proven track record of over 25 years in consulting and coaching. His approach to “full person” coaching is based on principles of mindful conversation, facilitative leadership, and building work cultures that emphasize psychological safety, which is proven to bring out the best in all. 

Research consistently validates the fact that “leadership styles fundamentally affect employee’s perceptions of organizational politics, which in turn affects their job outcomes.”*

(The impact of leadership styles on job satisfaction and mediating role of perceived organizational politics – Hina Saleem 2015)


Mindful Conversation – Online Class

Conversation is the most common tool for expressing yourself, for connecting with others, for working out your problems and developing your dreams. If you want more from your conversation, this nine-week live virtual class will help you learn:

  • To understand your default conversational style and how it helps or blocks you
  • How to listen on multiple levels and connect deeply with others (and yourself!.
  • How to express yourself more authentically and speak in a way that others will
    want to listen to
  • How to deal with difficult emotions that “trigger” you
  • How to turn strangers into friends, opening your heart and quieting your mind to bring your best self to each new conversation 

You will learn in a safe environment with many opportunities to practice and integrate the attitudes and skills that will take your conversation to a new level. All sessions are recorded in case you must miss a class. Class price includes one free private coaching session with Peter.


Couple relationships require nurturing, special communication, understanding, patience, and courage. Almost every significant long-term relationship is tested at some point. The Couples Retreat is an opportunity for couples to get away, to enjoy a lovely setting, and to spend time with a skilled coach to explore ways to enhance, rejuvenate, or rekindle the spark. This workshop is only open to couples who have been together for at least three years. Both members of the couple must agree to participate. 

Those interested in the workshop are pre-screened by telephone interview to ascertain the fit.

Retreats are scheduled periodically. If you are interested, please reach out and we will get back to you.

“Peter’s skilled counseling models his deep caring. He teaches new ways for partners to talk and listen for deeper understanding, renewing old reasons you fell in love. We regained trust in each other and joy in the realization that we are each better together.”

– LMC, BC, Canada