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If you’re interested in better conversation, here are ways that I can support you. I am available for virtual talks, readings, classes, coaching and discussions with you, your group or organization. For a tailored event, please contact me directly,

Webinar: Introduction to Mindful Conversation

1 hr. Free. As scheduled. Presentation plus Q & A.

    1. What is Mindful Conversation?
    2. How does Mindful Conversation differ from other approaches to better communication?
    3. What are 5 common problems that can be solved by using Mindful Conversation?
    4. How can I learn more about Mindful Conversation?

9 Week On-Line Seminar: Mindful Conversation: Talking about What Matters, in a way that Works.

Do you have an open mind? Want to improve your conversation and relationship skills? If so, this seminar is designed for you. Through a lively, combination of discussion, practice, presentation and reading, you will learn:

    1. How to assure maximum connection with others by listening to the three levels of conversation.
    2. How to express yourself fully and openly, so that others want to listen to you.
    3. How to identify your own style of conversation, build on your strengths and incorporate other styles where needed.
    4. How to deal with “difficult people” such as the interrupter, the grabber, and the me-me-me’er.
    5. 8 conversational tools that help you establish trust, manage the flow, and close a conversation.
    6. How to recognize the “Second Conversation,” your own self-talk, and navigate the troubled waters when your own emotions “trigger” you.
    7. How and why Mindful Conversation is a skill for our times, and how you can join the movement to heal our epidemic of isolation and polarization.

Currently this seminar is taught only through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, OLLI at SOU. The Next Class starts April 6, 2021 and goes through June 1, 2021. Class meets on Tuesday mornings, 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. For further details and registration, contact: or call 541-552-6048. Max. enrollment 32 students.

Advanced Mindful Conversation Skill Building

This 8 week class is for those who have taken Mindful Conversation, Talk about what Maters, in a way that Works, or otherwise demonstrated core level understanding and proficiency with the attitudes and skills of Mindful Conversation. The class meets once per week for 8 weeks. Classes will be scheduled on demand, and will be tailored to the particular needs of the students. For further information, please contact

Individual Coaching in Mindful Conversation

For those who prefer a personalized, private experience, Peter provides one on one coaching, via Zoom or telephone. For further information, please contact

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