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I am available for talks (in person or virtual), readings, classes, coaching and discussions with you, your group or organization. For further inquiry or scheduling, please contact me directly,

Keynote Talks

Peter’s talks are appropriate for general and corporate audiences, clubs, groups, service organizations and conferences. All talks are customized to the particular audience and can be accompanied by spirited, original sing-a-long music. Filled with humor, inspiration and practical advice, talks can be augmented with workshops. Talk topics include:

1. Mindful Conversation

An engaging introduction to the most important life skill you never studied in school. Specific stories, humor and practical suggestions for how to use mindful conversation to express yourself more engagingly and connect deeply with partners, family, colleagues, customers and friends. Learn how to be fully yourself when you’re with others.

2. Emotion: Healer or Stealer?

This lively, interactive talk deals with the all-important topic of managing feelings, turning difficult emotions into allies, not obstacles. Learn specific skills for when you are “triggered.” Tame the beast called fear, stress, anger, shame or frustration. Convert this energy from stealer into healer.

3. Open heart, Calm Mind

Underneath so many of our personal challenges lie two fundamental building blocks. Discover the inner power that is yours when you learn how to open your heart and calm your mind. Learn 3 simple practices that can become like keys to a magic kingdom, a world of inner peace.

9 Week On-Line Seminar: Mindful Conversation: Speak Openly, Connect Deeply, Live Joyously


Through a lively, combination of discussion, practice, presentation and reading, you will learn how to converse more comfortably and successfully with family, friends (old and new), colleagues, clients, partners and strangers. Specifically, how to:

  1. Begin and end conversations to assure maximum connection with others by listening to the three levels of conversation.
  2. Express yourself fully and openly, so that others want to listen to you.
  3. Understand your own style of conversation, build on your strengths and overcome limitations.
  4. Deal with “difficult people” such as the interrupter, the grabber, and the me-me-me’er.
  5. Use conversational tools that help you establish trust, manage the flow, and close a conversation.
  6. Recognize and manage the “Second Conversation,” your own self-talk, to navigate troubles when triggered by your own emotions.

NEXT CLASS SCHEDULED FOR FALL, 2022. Please contact to receive reminder when registration opens.

Individual and Couples Coaching in Mindful Conversation

For those who prefer a personalized, private experience, Peter provides one on one coaching, via Zoom or telephone. For further information, please contact

“Peter’s skilled counseling models his deep caring. He teaches new ways for partners to talk and listen for deeper understanding, renewing old reasons you fell in love. We regained trust in each other and joy in the realization that we are each better together.”

– LMC, BC, Canada

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