What others are saying about Peter’s appearances:

Speeches & Talks

Thank you very much for your superb presentation to our Rotary Club. … You were inspiring, informative and entertaining.  The audience was very attentive and I have heard many complimentary remarks following the meeting.  I’ve no doubt that motivations to write our memoirs rose for many of us, and the value for those who do so will be greater for your guidance. … You masterfully adjusted to the timing available for our program (always variable).

Elisabeth Zinser, Rotary President-elect, Former Southern Oregon University President

Our experience hosting Peter Gibb for a Sunday talk and workshop was very positive. Peter is a professional and a kind and respectful teacher, was attentive to the needs and desires of our spiritual center in terms of his presentation, and came well-prepared. Our congregants responded favorably to him, and his workshop was excellent–providing many practical and useful guidelines for inspiring memoirists. Based on our enjoyable Sunday with Peter, I recommend him; if he lived closer to us, I would have investigated having him do an ongoing class for our interested congregants!

– Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon, Minister, Unity Spiritual Center of San Francisco


Peter Gibb gave us a one-hour presentation that combined humor, wit, and a marvelous excerpt reading from his memoir, King of Doubt. (Plus a kilt!!)  Our residents were absolutely delighted, asked many questions, and are still buzzing about it today. Several are reading his book. We’ve chosen to use his presentation to launch a bi-monthly class on autobiographical/memoir writing, and Peter’s entertaining and thought-provoking presentation has been an excellent catalyst to generate interest and enthusiasm.  42 thumbs up!!

-Tamara Marston, Resident Programs Director, Brookdale Senior Living CommunityAshland, Oregon

Your devotion, enthusiasm, costume(!), and grace with words came shining through at Bloomsbury [book store] … I appreciate how encouraging you are for others to dive deeply into the stories of their lives. You … have come into your writing/teaching stride — such a perfect outlet for your genuine wholeheartedness toward life 🙂

Dia P.

What do we all want? Simply to be seen. In King of Doubt the author not only addresses that elusive search but also provides insight into how none of us is truly alone after all.I had the extremely fortunate privilege to be able to hear in person that five year old boy [Chapter 1, King of Doubt] brought to life in Peter’s own rich Scottish brogue. If you are ever so lucky to hear him read you are in for a captivating experience. Our shared experience is one of the ways we find peace. This book is a treasure. We see you Peter Gibb. And we are all better for it.

Kathy B.


Classes & Workshops

Peter Gibb’s Mindful Conversation workshop was insightful and thought provoking. I found applications in both my personal and professional life for the lessons of mindfulness Peter imparted. His gentle approach led me to self-examination and to strengthen my relationships by listening attentively to my colleagues, my students, and my family. It was a valuable experience and I would encourage anyone with a desire to improve their relationships to take advantage of Peter’s sage guidance.

– Jamie Hirsh, High School Teacher.

I wish all authors were as easy and fun to work with as Peter Gibb. He has written a fascinating memoir and he knows how to present it in a way that deeply engages and connects with his readers and fans.  More than a reading he adds performance to his events, which are invariably inspiring, memorable and moving. His memoir and mindfulness workshop filled up so quickly we had to close registration. Attendees were highly enthusiastic about the three hours spent learning from him. I strongly recommend his talks, readings and workshops for any library or adult community.

– Amy Blossom, Ashland Public Library, Branch Manager

We were so very privileged to have Peter Gibb as our instructor for the memoir class. I cannot imagine the highest level college professor or editor providing better information, guidance, critiquing and class facilitating than Peter. He set the tone for our class in being compassionate, non-judgmental and honest. We all benefited greatly from his incisive critiques and through his guidance, developed more powerful storytelling skills.

 –Carol M.

Peter is a compassionate, skilled and insightful instructor who combines a deep understanding of memoir and creative writing with a pragmatic approach to each individual’s need for developing their story in their own way, in their own time.

David W.

I have been so pleased to attend a King of Doubt public book reading, a book group in which Peter  was our guest presenter, and a 3-hour workshop on the “Introduction to Memoir and Mindfulness”.  Peter Gibb’s talks about his book, King of Doubt, offer valuable insight and instruction into memoir writing and telling our own personal stories.  He skillfully leads would-be-writers through constructive steps that help them focus, organize, and begin their own writing.  His entertaining and easy-to-understand presentation is interspersed with enjoyable exercises that encourage everyone to write, then and there!  I was inspired at all three of his talks and left the workshop overflowing with ideas and even some stories in hand!

Lynn R.

Book Clubs

Thank you for one of our best book club sessions—Peter kept us all so focused.  It was a beautiful sharing time, all around…a truly lovely, and inspiring evening for me. 

Lynn R.

Kudos!  I can’t remember a more enthusiastic response to a book club gathering!  It was a special evening, on so many levels.  Many, many thanks for giving us the gift of your presence, Peter.  

Penny N.

“We had [already] enjoyed reading King of Doubt and using the questions at the end of the book. … When Peter arrived our discussion became more focused on … his personal journey to self-discovery … truly finding himself. Having the author sit with us, share details, and answer questions made King of Doubt come even more alive. Thank you, Peter

Gerry S., ACBC Book Club


King of Doubt

King of Doubt  is a story of adventuresome times, of intimate relationships, of inner determination. I was drawn in emotionally, riveted to every chapter.  This book is beautifully written, a work of art, about growing up male, about taking on the world, about loving and not giving up on life. A tour de force!

—Susan Krieger, Stanford University, author of Come, Let Me Guide You.

I loved [King of Doubt]! I was completely engaged with your life and storytelling. Your writing is compelling and delightful, sad and poignant, joyful and inspirational. … My favorite line, “Find your voice and ride it to glory”.  You did just that!!

Cathy D.

Just finished reading King of Doubt! Beautifully written, engaging and brave. … Gave words to so much emotion. Thanks, Peter.

Connie C.

Best memoir I have ever read: great story engagingly told with descriptions painting vivid scenes. I recommend this for a realistic and inspiring look at the stepping stones through depression and self-doubt as well as a handbook on how to write a great memoir.

Mary G.

King of Doubt is riveting, emotionally honest, and brilliantly written.  What at first seems like a charming, coming-of-age tale transforms into a sharing of personal anguish. Told with sophisticated, self-deprecating humor, the story spins toward tragedy before being pulled back by unexpected events.  For those who enjoy masterful writing and great story telling, I highly recommend [King of Doubt].

Marilee Z.