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Just when I thought the news couldn’t get any more absurd, it does; just when I thought the rhetoric designed to turn us all into cynics couldn’t get louder, it does; just when I thought the lies, distortions and conspiracy theories had sunk to their nadir, they drop lower. What’s a body to do?

A Word from Emerson
“Don’t waste your time in rejection, nor bark against the bad,
but chant the beauty of the good.” I was reminded of this quote from  Ralph Waldo Emerson by my friend and mentor, Mark Matusek Very timely. When powerful people on the world stage are trying to convince us that nothing is real, and that disinformation is the new truth, it is so important that each of us listen first to the truth within. When you get quiet, and listen, you know. When you know, speak. Speak your truth, every day and in every conversation, spread it to the four winds. Hold it close to your heart, and then open your heart so that others can know the beauty within.
The Power of Conversation
Every conversation is an invitation to listen and speak truth. The more I write and speak about conversation, the more I realize what a treasure is this gift we are given. And how, too frequently we squander this gift. I am working (more like playing, actually)  to be more mindful in my conversation, to seek out those with whom I can share my being deeply, to speak and listen in such a way as to signal to myself and to my conversation partners, that my heart is open.  I try to listen “with the ears of the heart” as St. Benedict said. When I speak from my heart, I connect with myself.  When I connect with myself, I connect with others. I connect with our humanity. I am dancing. The words of our conversation are the music.
Survey on Conversational Style
I have been working on a survey designed to help people understand their own conversational style. Really fascinating. I’ve done a first “beta test” and am now collaborating with a professional survey design company to take the survey to the next level. I’ll soon be ready for a second beta test. If you’d like to be part of that test and join the “conversation about conversation”  please reply to this blog or send me an email, put the word “Survey” in the subject line. You’ll get a report back about your unique style, and also become part of the research base for the book I’m working on, How to Talk to Anyone, Anyplace, Anytime, about Anything … and Enjoy it. The Art of Mindful Conversation. I’m also conducting a series of interviews on the subject, so if you’re interested in that, let me know.
That’s all for now. Keep talking, mindfully.