Mindful Conversation, a path to Unity

Mindful Conversation and President Biden’s Call for Unity

The people have voted. Trump is gone. President Biden has rung the liberty bell – a call for Unity. If ever there was a call we should answer, this is it. If ever there was a time to answer the call, it is now.

What is Unity?

Unity is a state of being and a state of action. The state of being is centered on trust and compassion. So, unless evidence proves otherwise, assume the best of others, acknowledge that each of us is doing what we can to be our best. Supporting those around you. We must trust ourselves and others to act from a place of goodwill, beyond pure self-interest, for the good of all. When we hold all life with compassion, we gravitate naturally into trusting relationships. Then we breathe the same air and walk on the same ground. We hold hands, literally or metaphorically.

Trust and compassion. They won’t solve everything. But they make everything solvable.

How can We promote Unity?

President Biden made the call. Now we need to answer. How can you promote Unity? How can I? It’s a big subject and there are many ways. Which is your arena? The family? The workplace? The neighborhood? The community? The church? Is it through conversation? Or writing? Or music? Volunteerism or gardening? At the grocery store? On the farm? Many ways. Many paths. In these Covid times, many of our venues are closed. We need to be creative. We think, naturally, first about unity among people, but unity can extend to plants and animals. All of these can promote that joyous feeling of oneness?

Mindful Conversation – a Path of Unity

One of the most direct paths to unity lies in how we speak and how we listen. Mindful Conversation can be that path. Practice a fresh kind of listening. Listen with the ears of your heart. Deep listening. It may be a smile. Or a gesture. Or repeating back what you have heard. When someone is speaking to you, focus all your attention. If you’re thinking about something else, like what you’re going to do later, you’re not really listening. Listen to what your conversation partner is expressing. Listen to the verbal message, but also the non-verbal. Listen to the whole person. When you listen deeply, you build a bridge to another being. You forge connections. You are answering the president’s call.

The call to Unity – Make it Fun

What are you doing to celebrate our journey to unity? So many ways; what is yours? I’d love to hear from you. Follow this link to get you in the spirit.