How I felt when I tried to write while sick … Thanks, Gratisography

Long absence from the blog … my apologies, but I hope the above photo supplies some explanation. Two weeks. Missed 90% of Christmas, never wanted to be farther than six feet from the bed.  “A virus of unknown origin,” the doctor said.

“Thank you very little,” I said.

“You can go now,” he said.

I stumbled out and down the elevator. It’s all about your body telling you to slow down. I hate it when people tell me that. I feel miserable and I want to feel miserable.  Worse than feeling miserable is being told that you should be grateful.  I don’t want to be spiritually enlightened about the whole thing.

The good news is how good it feels to feel good again. Once healthy, how quickly we forget what a huge and all encompassing condition is being healthy. Never take it for granite, as someone (I forget who) said, and it’s true. So, I pause here … and again … to give thanks for my generally good health, and to know that I am a fragile, temporary being, blessed with this life for a short while, and committed to doing all I can to living each day as fully as I am able, and to helping others – through my writing, teaching and speaking – to living as awake and attuned a life as possible.

So, at the end of the day, I bow in gratitude.

One piece of GREAT news. I received a small box of author’s copies of my memoir, King of Doubt. It’s real. The official release date is Feb. 6, 2017, though it will be available slightly sooner for pre-release purchase on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble etc., as ebook or paperback. You can read chapter 1 on the web site. I hope you’ll check it out. If you like it, tell your friends and write a review. It would do my little heart good. It took me 60+ years to write it, but it won’t take that long to read, I promise. More news to come about that.

Greetings to you, dear Reader, and Happy New Year. I will spare you any further advice and promise, never ever ever, to burden you with my New Years’ resolutions.