About Mindful Conversation: Speak Openly, Connect Deeply, Live Joyously 

Everyone talks, but relatively few engage in mindful conversation. We yearn for more from our relationships, to connect and express ourselves in ways that give us meaning and joy and success.

In this polarized world, we are more networked and yet more isolated than ever. Conversation is the secret sauce that makes networks and relationships work. Enhancing conversational skills can be a path to more and better friends and colleagues, improved family relationships, opening life doors that may have seemed closed.

Too much talk consists of stunted, unsatisfying “serial monologues.” To find satisfaction as individuals and to survive as a diverse, democratic society, we need to rediscover the art of Mindful Conversation. That is the subject of this web site, and of my forthcoming book, Mindful Conversation: Speak Openly, Connect Deeply, Live Joyously, a book of personal story, theory, inspiration, humor and practical self-help.