About Peter

All my life I have been a student of conversation (my own and others.) Growing up, I was shy and isolated. I know what being an outsider feels like. Perhaps that is why I am passionate to help others learn the skills of Mindful Conversation. I want to see as many people as possible enjoy the deep satisfaction and confidence that comes from being able to use the magic of conversation to connect easily with oneself and others. Restoring the art of Mindful Conversation is an essential step we each can take to heal the deep wounds in our polarized culture.


As an adult, I spent 22 years as an organizational consultant to Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies, non-profits and families. I worked in ten countries and three languages, teaching seminars, as a speaker, consultant and coach. I worked with leaders, teams and individuals who frequently knew how to do everything except connect. Time after time, I witnessed how big budgets and vast resources could not duplicate the value of basic face-to-face, authentic conversation. I saw the cost of frequent breakdowns in trust and understanding. I experienced how a few well-chosen skills and attitudinal shifts can transform relationships, melt barriers and end years of wheel-spinning, isolation and frustration.

And that’s why I’m here.

Contact me at peter@petergibb.org.

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